Drawing on the concepts that made it the success it is today -- the user-friendly interface and the power of its features -- Artlantis meets all your needs when it comes to speed, ease-of-use, and high quality renderings and animations.

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A smarter way to think about 3D modeling. Hundreds of thousands of professionals in (take a deep breath) architecture, construction, engineering, commercial interiors, light construction, landscape architecture, kitchen & bath design, urban planning, game design, film & stage, woodworking, and plenty of other fields.

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iRender, your trusted Sketchup and Artlantis 3D Render Design Solutions technology advisor !

With products like the highly popular and affordable SketchUp Professional conceptual modelling software application, right through to harnessing the fast, high quality output, and affordable Artlantis Rendering software range of rendering solutions, these design tools have proven themselves across a wide spectrum of Architectural practices in Southern Africa.

Having an academic background in Architecture and practiced back in the 70′s, Athol Phillips the executive member and founder of iRender has personally hand picked a selection of rendering and Design Solutions applications which no architectural practice should be without to achieve the success you deserve.

Says Athol of iRender, “I’m not going to waste your time by telling you what we do, but this is what some highly respected professional colleagues and experts in the industry have to say;”

  • These tools are an absolute must
  • So easy to use even a child can do it
  • This software is definitively a cut above the rest
  • If you are looking for exquisitely detailed renders, Artlantis is the clever way to do it
  • Sketchup Professionals modelling software not only fits your budget but its like playing with putty and being a kid again
  • When I first saw the speed and quality of Artlantis renders I was blown away
  • iRender gives you everything you need to kick butt.

With the formidable challenges placed on professionals you have to find tools to help turn around your business, ensuring you get the project out in the fastest time possible.

Check out this list below and if you don’t believe me! Test me – Give us a call and I will make arrangements for a Trial Version of these applications. There’s never been a better time ……….


Athol Phillips

Athol Phillips Cited Profile Pic_300x300

  • Are you tired of paying External Graphics Bureau’s an arm and a leg for renders?
  • Are you of the opinion that Rendering takes far too much time and ties up expensive resources?
  • Are you one of those Design Professionals who always wanted to get into 3D but were too afraid to?
  • Do you believe that only expensive Rendering Software = High Quality results?
  • Did you think that Artlantis only works with SketchUp, and not ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Revit and VectorWorks?
  • Do you lie awake at two ‘o click in the morning wondering how to better manage your practice administration?

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